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Abundant Communications Services LLC is a boutique agency.  Our flexible boutique communications approach to projects allows us to jump in or analyze and deliver end-to-end.

Creating or Editing Communications

Clients want clear, comprehensible, and compelling communications. With expertise in a range of areas like academics, athletics, health, fundraising, justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, access, religion/spirituality, and more, Abundant Communications Services, LLC provides narratives that effectively capture wide attention. To discuss your messaging creation or editing needs, CONTACT US.

Data Analytics

Do you need help analyzing your work or program? Abundant Communications Services, LLC provides topic research, develops and implements surveys and evaluations, uses Dedoose and SPSS for qualitative and quantitative analyses, and provides engaging data visualization to provide a full and accurate depiction of your work. For more information, CONTACT US.

Creating Messaging for Grant Writer and Website Designer

Grant writers and website developers appreciate detailed messaging about your work to help them complete your projects. Abundant Communications Services, LLC develops thorough narratives for grant writers and engaging content for website designers that conveys how your work is impactful and ensures the synchronicity of your messaging. For more information, CONTACT US.

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